Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Some of you might have noticed I've been away for awhile... maybe some of you might have not even missed me, or simply very happy that I was not around. To all the newbies HI! and welcome!

As I finish moving, I have to admit I miss my view. The Atlantic Ocean is always calm during the winter. And while I complain about how nasty and "cold" the weather has become, Courtney always brings me back to reality... so 2007 looks busy with all the remodeling I'm planning for my house. At least that will take me away from watching the news.

So back at my Blog role, and using a new blogging software, I just have to comment on the things that got all twisted and crazy in just two weeks.

And I just missed the opportunity to rant about the Pope!

See you all later!

8 comentarios:

courtney01 said...

Those are beautiful pictures.

lee said...

Of course we missed you! Welcome back.

ivy said...

we noticed, and welcome back! I just saw anderfans got more exposure on mediabistro site

Jade said...

@Chris...hell yes I'm happy you are back! Wahoo!!!

@ivy..I saw that on another media blog today and just shook my head. Okay, I'm gonna be mean, but have you seen some of those lame-ass videos? I'd be embarassed if Cooper saw something like that. Then again, I'm a perfectionist and have no intention of embarassing myself in public. Okay, not anymore after the three martini night this past summer. ;)

courtney01 said...

How embarrassing. Not just for Anderson, but what about the people who spent time making the videos, and then to be ridiculed like that.

Oh, well. Guess they've come to expect it and don't care. I hope not, anyway. Maybe I'm too sensitive but I don't like seeing people ridiculed publicly.

Jade said...

@Courtney...I know I should be nicer, but I guess I'm embarassed for them in the end.

And I have my holiday bitch streak on :)

ivy said...

@jade -- unlike courtney, I'm mean -lol. I didn't see the videos, being on some other blogs in the past I already know what to expect of them, and did not wish to blush, and I know I would -) I would say the videos got the reaction they deserved but I feel bad that it was made a public access, I don't like to feel it's kind of discrediting for all ac-related blogs.

@courtney -- the sad thing is mediabistro didn't ridicule it really, they didn't even need to comment. Too embarassing

marie said...

Yes, we all missed you!


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