Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Photos and Videos from Anderson´s book signing

Sharla ready to rumble!
Yes, those are pills...

General View of the crowd

And Anderson no longer has his dark spot on his cheek... damn!

The Freaks met this other Chris (HI CHRIS) which they found to be totally cool... send us an email and we will send you a copy of your pic with the Coop without watermark.

We are still waiting for Correspondent 00WTF photos and more VIDEOS!!! Stay tunned!

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Anonymous said...


jr said...

Love the T-Shirt!

Anonymous said...


newsjunkie said...

GIRL, I'm not a trained Navy Seal! I was a Marine Corps Military Police Officer! (and IMO, I could kick anyone's butt...) I'm just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

There seems to be an unhealthy preoccupation by some posters here with beating people's asses and bragging about how tough they are. I'm not sure what any of that has to do with Anderson, unless he actually is looking for some bodyguards or something.

newsjunkie said...
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newsjunkie said...

You know what Mr. Meanie whom I recognize from before that was attacking me? I have had my ass kicked, quite a bit thanks. I got beat up all the time as a kid, and I was married to a guy that thought it was his right to smack me around. And THAT'S what made me so damn tough. I look at people that might try to hurt me like fresh meat to stomp on. Nothing anyone could do (and yes, I do mean anything, so use your imagination) could ever top what has already been done. I have suffered. I have had a lot of pain. And it made me stronger and into the person I am today. I'm not FAKE TOUGH. I'm a very nice person that has been pushed too far too often. Don't push me too.

newsjunkie said...

I just realized that I didn't answer the question "what does this have to do with Anderson?"

Well, everything and nothing. The "I can kick ass" commentary is a running joke amongst us now, because of this:

A while back there was a post about the Stalkers of Anderson Cooper. I became inflamed with fury that people are harassed in that way. I cannot stand it when people take advantage of those that ARE weak or those that APPEAR to be weak (or are somehow not in the position to adequately defend themselves). I heartily suggested that the Stalkers have their asses kicked- stalking is all about fear and control and I felt that's exactly what they needed right back, as in, maybe if they understood how it felt to be the victim...

...and therefore, because I am an Ex-Marine (and the only thing that scares me is spiders, and well, after the Jeff Corwin incident- elephants), I was nominated to do the honorary ass kicking should I ever be so lucky to run into one of Anderson's stalkers (because he means a lot to me, whether he's aware of it or not).

Like I said, now it's become a running joke.

I'm actually not a violent person and wouldn't beat up anyone unless provoked (and it takes quite a lot to provoke me, I'm rather calm in that respect)... plus on top of that, I don't think Anderson would be exactly thrilled I beat up someone for him. I'm SUCH a lady, you know what I mean? More like... NOT.

So there is your explanation as to the "Sharla can kick your ass" comments.

Anonymous said...

what is that on sharlas arms?

newsjunkie said...

I'm very inky.

For those of you who don't actually understand what the hell that means, that means I have TATTOOS. Sheesh. I have ten, actually, but the ones on my forearms REALLY get people's attention. Women don't normally have them there.

The one on my left arm is three butterflies flying away (complete with sparklies!). The one on my right is my pride and glory- it says "Respect & Accept Similarities & Differences Among People". I think that should be the mindset of the whole PLANET, don't you??

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with those words but why did you feel the need to have it on your forearm?!! It wasn't enough that they were in your mind?(sorry, I don't want to upset you, I'm just curious).

newsjunkie said...

Actually I decided to put it there for two reasons: One, I get STARED at because I'm tattood in the first place, and it basically says "accept me", and Two: I get to look at it all the time MYSELF and it reminds ME to respect and accept people.

Not upset, not offended. I'm very used to it- people either go "WOW those are cool" or... you know... not that. You know the only difference between you and me?

You don't have tattoos.

That's what I have said to people before. I usually surprise the hell out of people because they are completely expecting me to be one way (you can guess what that is) and then I'm NOT. I'm not even CLOSE to what they're thinking. And then once again, that's where my saying comes into play....

Don't judge me, you don't know me. Don't decided what I'm like when we've never even met. Don't make up your mind who I am because your preconceived notion is going to be WRONG!!

Uh, the only problem I have is that I end up wearing long sleeves a lot when it's HOT, just to cover up for when I need to (like... for an interview?!). Then I'm HOT. That part sucks.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand your intentions with that. Why don't you just say it?

newsjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
newsjunkie said...

BECAUSE. Because I rather enjoy the reaction I get when people actually talk to me. They're not surprised, of course, to learn I'm an Ex-Marine and I ride a Harley- I fit the stereotype for that. But the LOOK on their face when they find out I'm in school to be a research chemist, specifically cognitive neuroscience? Priceless.

Actually a couple of months ago some idiot said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting you to be smart."


But not only does it prove my point that their presumptions are wrong, but I'm hoping that maybe for a brief second they realized that they judged me wrong and apply it towards other people they don't know.

THAT is my intention.

*and I deleted my previous comment because I messed it up. oops.*

Anonymous said...

Did he/she actually said that "I wasn't expecting you to be smart"- based on what? the way you look? Then he/she is an idiot.

Oh, and anon 8:37 it's not me.

anon 2:55(maybe I should find myself a name)

newsjunkie said...

It was a guy. Yes, he expected me to be dumb because of how I look.

What.An.Asshole. But then again, that happens to me ALL the time. Either they just look at my face and expect me to have no brains, or, they look at my body and expect me to be a high school dropout. I've stopped caring. You either accept me as I am or... gotta say it... go fuck yourself.

And yes :) find yourself a name. Make up something cute. How about... oh wait I don't know if you're male or female. Curiousgeorge? lol... uh... how about, "cnn dorkus" or something. Boy, I can't think of anything tonight. I think I used all my funnies up squeaking away on the 360 blog.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...You know my real name is georgiana, so when you suggested curiousgeorge I was like how did you know?!!

anon 2:55


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